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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Everything changes

Starting life in a small village on the North coast of Cornwall, I played the Game of Life in the '80s and dreamed of becoming a journalist. Naively enraptured by the promised £20,000 (that was A LOT in 1988. It equates to about £45,000 today) salary and the thought of writing all day, I set about crafting stories; and never really stopped.

In my early teens, I tried writing articles for my village newspaper: the Boscastle Blowhole. It began with anti-hunting poetry, endorsed by the League Against Cruel Sports (risky in a rural village) and blossomed into amateur reportage to give the youth a voice. 

As I grew older, my dreams aged too. While I still loved writing, I developed a precocious contempt for journalists - something quite insightful in light of the scandals this decade! 

At Uni, I concentrated on short stories and scripts, whilst learning the conventions of using Social Media and SEO to promote yourself, or your business, online. I changed my dreams of being a journalist and began writing and researching copy as a freelancer. 

This blog demonstrates how you can do the same.

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